Sore Nose Soothing Balm Recipe (2024)

I’m grateful that we don’t often get sick, but when we do, it is typically the runny nose and mild cough type of illness (or just seasonal allergies). I use my natural remedies to help speed recovery, but inevitably, at least one of the children will end up with a sore, red nose from wiping it too often.

I’d always heard to rub Vaseline on dry, chapped noses, but I’m very much not a fan of petroleum jelly (more on that in another post) and wanted a better option.

Certainly, several bulk ingredients I always keep on hand, like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil work wonderfully on their own for chapped noses, but I wanted to create something with beeswax that would also help protect the skin from future kleenex abuse.

Sore Nose Soothing Balm Recipe

To keep it simple, you could use shea butter or coconut oil alone to sooth a sore nose. A pre-made lip chap like my classic recipe also works, but I don’t like using lip balm containers for this since some of the bacteria/snot/general nastiness might be left on the balm, so the entire tube would need to be thrown out after the illness has passed.

This soothing balm in a tiny metal tin solves both problems. It is petroleum jelly free, not in a one-time use tube and it combines all of the soothing and protective ingredients with herbs for an extra boost.

I added an additional but optional step of infusing the oil with the dried herbs I use in my healing salve to give this soothing balm additional skin-nourishing properties. You can leave out this step, but I highly recommend it.

Infusing the Oils with Herbs:

I keep some of this herbal infused coconut oil (or olive oil) on hand for recipes like this. The infusion process takes a while, so I prefer to make in bulk once every few months rather than have to infuse small amounts every time I need it for a recipe. You’ll need:

  • 1 cup olive or coconut oil (you won’t use this full amount for this recipe)
  • dried comfrey leaf
  • dried plantain leaf (herb-not banana!)
  • dried calendula flowers (optional)
  • dried yarrow flowers (optional)

I simmer all the ingredients in a double boiler for 3-4 hours until the oil has taken on a greenish tinge. When the weather is warm, I sometimes place the herbs into the oil in an airtight glass jar and leave for 2-3 weeks in indirect sunlight.

This recipe makes about 1 cup of infused oil. You’ll only need 1 tablespoon for the nose balm, so you’ll have plenty left to use for additional batches or other recipes. Here are some more ways I use infused oil.

Other Ingredients

Once you’ve infused the oil with herbs (if you’re going to), you’re ready to make the nose balm. You’ll need:

  • Shea Butter– soothing and protecting to skin with vitamins and healthy acids
  • Beeswax– protects the skin from further damage

Sore Nose Soothing Balm Recipe (1)


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Sore Nose Soothing Balm Recipe

This soothing balm helps calm a sore nose from a cold or flu and protects against more irritation. First, you’ll make an infused oil. Then, you’ll combine a small amount of the infused oil with shea butter and beeswax to make the nose balm.

Prep Time10 minutes mins

Oil Infusing Time3 hours hrs

Total Time3 hours hrs 10 minutes mins

Yield: 2 TBSP

Author: Katie Wells


Herb Infused Oil (optional, but recommended)

  • 1 cup olive oil (or coconut oil)
  • 1 TBSP comfrey leaf
  • 1 TBSP dried plantain leaf (the herb, not the banana!)
  • 1 tsp calendula flowers (optional)
  • 1 tsp yarrow flowers (optional)

Nose Balm Ingredients


To Make the Herb Infused Oil (optional, but recommended)

  • Place the oil in a double boiler. If using coconut oil, melt the oil first.

  • Add the herbs.

  • Simmer on low heat for 3-4 hours or until the oil has taken on a green color from the herbs. Be careful not to have the heat too high or leave too long or the herbs will burn. If the rooms is warm enough, you can also simply place the herbs into the oil in an airtight glass jar and leave for 2-3 weeks. This works best in indirect sunlight and won’t be possible at all times.

  • Let cool.

  • Store in an airtight container and use as needed.

To Make the Nose Balm

  • In a double boiler, combine 1 tablespoon of the infused oil, the shea butter, and the beeswax pastilles.

  • Melt over medium heat.

  • Stir well and pour into individual tins or a small glass jar. Can double or triple recipe if desired.

  • To use: scrape off a small amount with a clean spoon or fingernail and apply to the skin around the nose. To avoid contamination, do not re-use the same spoon or finger until it has been washed. Use as needed until redness and soreness is gone.


This recipe will fill approximately two ½ ounce round tins or one 1-ounce round tin. It will fill 4-5 little rectangle tins.

What do you use to soothe sore noses? Share below!

Sore Nose Soothing Balm Recipe (2024)
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