Foot & Toe Stretches for Happy, Healthy Feet (2023)


Our beautiful feet need as much love as they can get. Yet they are often overlooked and even neglected. This video has some fabulous toe and feet stretches that will get the blood circulating back into them and having them feel amazing and brand new. So amazing that I even add sparkles to the video, because that's just how your feet will feel afterwards! :)

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And, if you have feet.

You probably wear shoes, and if you wear shoes, your feet, probably don't get to move as much as they need to, and then we wonder, why do my feet hurt? Why does the bottom of my foot soar when I wake up in the morning? Why do my toes start to squish together because we don't move them enough? So join me in this nice, quick, short and sweet little toe, stretchy, awakening and you'll feel such a difference in your feet.

Now, don't forget if you love these videos, press that subscribe button and let's begin now, the first thing that you can do you can do.

The good news with this work is that you can do it sitting in a chair.

You can do it if you're a passenger of a car and a long car ride in a yoga class whenever it is just as long as you make sure you do these things.

So, however, you want to sit right now, wherever you are in your house or in your life, find a comfortable position and then we're gonna.

Take one of our feet.

So make sure you've got your socks off and everything like that, because you need your toes free for this and like she, let's do a little before and after so the before and after means you're gonna.

Just let your feet whether you're sitting in a chair.

If your feet are down or you're sitting like me and having your feet in front of you, take a few moments and just notice how your toes feel.

In fact this is the most important part put your brain into your toes, because so many of us, that's the biggest part of it, is that we don't think about our feet.

We often don't even think about our feet, our toes only until we stubbed them or we hurt them so right now.

Look down at your feet say hello to your toes: keep your toes a little wiggle hello, toes nice and then squeeze and make a little fist with your foot and then release and wiggle wiggle wiggle, and then let your toes spread as wide as they can be away from each other see if you can get as much space between all your toes and then notice, which toes have space and maybe which toes don't and if any and then relax.


Now, let's wake those feet up so take one of your feet: it doesn't matter which one and we're gonna do what's called holding hands with your feet.

So if this is new to you, the best thing that you can do is, at the very least, get the very first knuckle of your fingers between your toes.

So if you can do that, you're golden, if you can get a little bit more like you've, been doing this for a while or you have toes that, naturally have lots of space in them.

You'll end up.

So if you can see what I have here, I'm holding hands with my foot, I've got my fingers between my toes and then I'm gonna squeeze my toes into my fingers, so I hope you're doing this with me.

Squeeze your toes and to your fingers.

Not your fingers into your toes think about toes into fingers, good painfully good, I, hope and then relax and then squeeze again and then good, and then you can start to move your foot from side to side without moving your ankles.

So while you're doing this movement, it's not just moving the in : the ankle gets lots of movement already.

We want to move the movement out of the ankle and into the front of your foot.

So what I like to think of is that I'm rinsing out or wringing out a dishcloth as I move my upper foot from side to side and then I even try to make a little circle good.

Put that love into your feet.

Your feet we're using them all the time takes just a couple minutes to give them what they need now release out of that, and then you can either put your feet back down side by side or extend them out like I'm doing and take a moment and notice how one foot feels compared to the other foot very likely.

The foot that you just moved is gonna feel tingly more alive, more awake and then in comparison, the other foot is probably going to feel sad and lonely.

So let's balance that out, let's go to the other foot, place it onto your leg and then hold hands best.

You can get your fingers between your toes remember, even if it's just your knuckles or all the way in both variations, whatever you can do, is great good and then start to squeeze your little toes into your hands, so not hands into toes but toes into hands and then relax and then squeeze and it might feel tender and that's okay, totally normal and then relax.

And then let's do that little rinsing or wringing out over the forefront, forefoot the front of your foot.

The upper part, not your ankle, moving getting all those joints, the ability and the opportunity to move in a way that they may not often get to good okay, so do a couple more ringings squeezes moving and then release your hand from your toes, bring your feet side by side.

Again, you might even notice some pink parts around the toes and guess what those pink parts are circulation.

So that means we're brought blood flow.

That's what mobility! That's! What movement does is circulate our circulation circulate that blood back into our feet again.

So that's amazing! Now, let's just do a couple more things now that we've put its the circulation back in her feet.

Now that way, we're connecting our brains to our toes a little bit more, recreating that neural pathway from mind to body now spread all those beautiful toes as wide as they can go see if they spread a little bit easier.

Now that we've moved them a bit and then wiggle wiggle wiggle, now look to your pinky toes and see if you can move just your pinky toes without any of the other ones, maybe maybe not relax.

Relax now keep in mind when we do this kind of toe work, if your toes aren't actually cooperating right now, that is fine.

Good news is the more you do it the more they'll cooperate, so you just got to do it next.

One you've got your big toes and see if you can move your big toes without the other, any of the other toes doing anything else, if possible, good, so really, you're you're, creating a relationship between your brain and your body.

Waking up the quiet pathway from your brain to your toes now.

Here's another fun variation.

Can those two big toes move toward each other without moving your feet? So can you try to make your big toes touch each other with help make you touching your feet together? Moving your ankles, so they're moving to the midline and then relax good okay.

Now my favorite part is that middle toe I always like to find the toes on my feet that feel the most quiet, the most disconnected and for me and my body, and for a lot of people that I work with it's.

Usually the third toe.

So put your brain into your third toe and see if you can move your third toes at all, let alone by themselves so I'm noticing my big toes and really want to move for those third ones.

Ah, it's so hard! Now, let's do one last little thing touch your fingertips to your bit, your third toe, even just by putting this that touch sensation, that's another pathway to wake up your brain to your body.

So if you feel and sense give a little squeeze give a little wiggle, you're waking, it up, say hello to your third toe, have been release and see if that third toe will cooperate even just that cement, where, at the very least, were again developing that relationship all right last thing that we can do.

Let's move the big toes forward away from your body.

Well, the rest of the four toes on each foot moves back towards you, let's see if you can go the other way.

So now your big toes are moving towards your body for toes moving away from you.

This might happen.

This might not, if it's not happening, all good, keep trying and then let's see if we can go back and forth again if this is happening fabulous and if it's not happening, that's fabulous because we're going to get benefits, no matter what we're building that relationship with our beautiful beautiful feet, good, shake out your toes shake out your legs.

Take one more moment: look at the toes feel them do they feel more alive to you.

Do they feel a little bit more happy, I hope so they're gonna feel more and more happy.

If you do this work daily, or at least as frequently as you can remember so happy feet subscribe press that subscribe button, I can't wait to work with you again and all of our fun different tips that we bring out each week here on this YouTube channel.

So thank you for joining me.

Have a wonderful tow happy day.


Foot & Toe Stretches for Happy, Healthy Feet? ›

Stretching your toes elongates and relaxes the muscles, preventing painful spasms and contractions. When combined with toe strengthening exercises, these stretches can also help prevent overuse or repetitive stress injuries. And, since those are also very painful, taking a stretch is a win all around.

Is Stretching your toes good for you? ›

Stretching your toes elongates and relaxes the muscles, preventing painful spasms and contractions. When combined with toe strengthening exercises, these stretches can also help prevent overuse or repetitive stress injuries. And, since those are also very painful, taking a stretch is a win all around.

How do you stretch your toes? ›

There are simple and effective toe stretches that can be performed daily for optimum results. These may include bending your toes downward to stretch the top of the foot, and taking each toe in your hands while pulling it away from the toe next to it.

How do I get my flexibility back in my toes? ›

Research suggests that several training methods can improve the flexibility required to touch your toes. These methods include static stretching, dynamic (or active) stretching, foam rolling, and partner-assisted stretching ( 1 , 2).

Does stretching your toes help neuropathy? ›

No matter how old you are or the health conditions you may have, stretching should be incorporated into your daily routine – even if you have peripheral neuropathy or nerve pain. In fact, stretching is an essential part of peripheral neuropathy treatment because it can get your blood flowing.

What is the best toe stretch? ›

Great toe extension stretch

Grasp your heel with one hand and then slowly pull your big toe back with your other hand. Pull your toe back toward your ankle until you feel a stretch along the bottom of your foot. Hold the stretch for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times.

What does touching your toes strengthen? ›

Touching your toes can help improve your hamstring, calf, and lower back flexibility. That extra give in your muscles can improve your posture, relieve back and neck pain, and just make you feel better in general.

Why does squeezing toes feel good? ›

By applying pressure to points in the foot, called reflex areas, a reflexologist removes energy blockages and promotes health in the corresponding body area. Pressure on the reflex points opens the channels to the improve balance in the nervous system. Endorphins, hormones that help us feel good, are stimulated.

What are the benefits of bending your toes back? ›

Toe bending helps to stretch the limbs of the body. They have the important job of supporting the entire body weight anytime we walk, run or exercise. It can increase jumping performance and reduce the likelihood of running-related injuries.

How do you stretch your toe for circulation? ›

Tip-toe walking – Trying walking around a room on your tiptoes, so your heels never touch the ground. This works muscles and helps stretch out your feet. Calf raises – Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and rise up on your toes. Slowly lower back down to neutral and repeat 10 times.

How do you stretch your feet in bed? ›

Lying on your back with your legs extended, raise your right leg as high as you can, keeping your pelvis flat on the bed. Hold your lower thigh, and encourage the leg to move toward your head. Flex your bottom foot to stretch your calf. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

How do you loosen muscles in your feet? ›

Plantar fascia stretch

Hold the heel of your foot in one hand, and grasp your toes with the other hand. Pull on your heel (toward your body), and at the same time pull your toes back with your other hand. You should feel a stretch along the bottom of your foot. Hold 15 to 30 seconds.

Why is my toe so tight? ›

The condition is often caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as shoes that are too short, too tight, or too shallow. It can also be caused by flat feet, bunions, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, and neurological conditions. In some cases, the cause is unknown.

What is toe yoga? ›

"Toe yoga exercises help to retrain the small intrinsic muscles in the feet to allow for a more normal walking pattern," Baker says. Directions: Sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Starting with 1 foot, slowly try to raise the big toe off the floor while keeping the other 4 toes on the ground.

Does touching your toes stretch back? ›

When your lower back is aching, there is a tendency to think that stretching it out by touching your toes (or at least attempting to) is good. Not so. Standing toe touches put lots of stress on your discs and the ligaments in your spine.

Do toe separators strengthen toes? ›

The Toe Spacers also help realign toes to its natural shape and stretches out muscles to improve stability, posture and can help combat feet deformity from everyday shoes. It also encourages movement and blood circulation to the toes and restores normal and natural foot function.

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