Farro and Lentils With Jammy Onions Recipe (2024)



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This was SO delicious. I made half the portion - used half the farro/lentils, full amount of lemon and red pepper, and only 2 tablespoons of oil (to make it healthier). Turned out full of flavor. Served with roasted Sea Bass. The recipe is great as is, but would also makes a great base for other veggies - next time I may add spinach, kale, green beans, mushrooms, or asparagus.


I’ve been making this for a while and thought I invented it! My riff on mujadarah when I didnt have rice on hand due to pandemic, only farro.So I make this like mujadarah with cumin and cinnamon and never thought to add lemon. preserved lemon? That might be great. Basically I think of this recipe as a base just like the author and make it a little different every time. My kids LOVE it and i can leave a pot in the fridge for them to reheat at home. Sour cream or yogurt on top are great.


Red lentils tend to fall apart into mush, while green and brown lentils both tend to keep their shape. In this recipe, you want individual lentils (as in a salad), not lentil mush (as in a red lentil soup).


I would be tempted in the future to boil the lentils farro in broth rather than water to give them more flavor. I also think some fresh thyme would be a great addition to add a herbaceous quality. Per another poster’s recommendation, I added asparagus and mushrooms as well as a 7-minute egg to top off the dish. Next time, I’m thinking of using cauliflower and chickpeas with some warm spices for a Moroccan flair.Overall, a good base dish w/ a lot of latitude for experimentation.


This was delicious. I wilted some baby kale in the colander when I drained the farro and the lentils and added that, plus a tiny bit of feta and chopped olives on top.


Delicious. Easy. Added a bit of cinnamon and cumin as recommended by others. Topped with pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and Kalamata olives. Definitely will be making this again!

Marla B.

I followed the recipe exactly & it was DELICIOUS! Added steamed cauliflower & it was a wonderful vegetarian meal.


Did the author meant one-inch-WIDE strips of lemon zest?


This was fantastic. Took the advice of another and split the recipe in half. Added some spinach, a 6.5 minute egg and it was the perfect lunch. Also co*ked lentils and farro in broth for additional flavor. It’s a winner, especially when you don’t feel like turning on the oven!

Meredith Jordan

This was delicious! I made exactly as directed, and then put it in fridge. Served it over spinach dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, sort of room temp warm salad. Very hearty and the lemon rind is bright and lovely.


Looks like a 7 or 8 minute egg to me. Here's a good guide.https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1020468-perfect-boiled-eggs


Great base, the onions do almost all the work here, but following some others' suggestions, I added harissa, cumin and cinammon at the end of the onions cooking, along with some lacinato kale just long enough to wilt. One note, needs a good amount of salt at each step.


I added some Italian chicken sausage and some arugula but next time I’d add some micro greens. The onions make the decision, low and slow for as long as possible to make it as “jammy” as possible!


Didn’t have farro and so made it with basmati rice instead, adding the rice to the boiling water about 10 minutes after starting the lentils. Also added preserved lemon, and twice the red pepper flakes. Delicious!

Will M

i've been making a 1/2 batch of this weekly as it is such a perfect to-go lunch for workdays.adjustments: to get the onions truly "jammy," i let them go slow and low for nearly an hour.add a can of chickpeas (add towards the end of the onions).then add a bunch of kale, chopped.lentils & farro in a rice cooker, 1:2 ratio grains:water, use Better than Bouillon to really give it a flavor boost.a soft boiled egg or two on top, and some goat cheese.


Very nice. Based on the comments, I added a fat pinch of coarse sea salt to the lentil/Farro mix and a fat pinch to the onion/lemon mix. One thing was confusing, it didn't say how much water to put in the saucepan for the lentil/farro. I guessed, and the grains quickly absorbed the water, so I kept a kettle of hot water ready and added when necessary.


Doubled the lemon juice and added lemon pepper (generously) to the finished product. Also make sure to prepare the lentils and farro in stock rather than water (I used bouillon cubes) for the extra umami!

Drew H

This is a great base for a salad or main dish, but I found it very bland on it's own. I added spinach, tomatoes and artichokes (random leftover veggies I found in the fridge) and made a nice salad.


I LOVE this recipe and make it all the time. The first time I made this it really opened my eyes to using lemon peel in cooking - SO GOOD


Beware: whole farro takes 45min to cook. The recipe doesn’t specify, but it must be pearl. Timing was a bit tricky, but delicious!


Very good but next time I will throw away the lemon peel after sauteeing with onion. The chopped peel was too overpowering mixed in with the farro and lentils.


This is so good! I used one slice of preserved Meyer lemon and half of a fresh lemon. I added fresh thyme. I boiled the lentils and farro with a teaspoon of vegetable bouillon in the water. It took about 30 minutes for the lentils to become al dente.


Don’t need so much oil

Steven Mandel

This was so good the first time I made it again. Decreased oil to <1/2 cup, added an additional red onion, flaked ~ 2 oz packaged roasted salmon on top. Delicious.

Steven Mandel

Chop onions finer. Add a red onion towards the end. Serve warm. Consider adding some half cherry tomatoes


I made exactly per recipe (except all that oil -- just used some generous glugs to cover bottom of pan) & agree that next time I'll use broth for beans & grains. Also, I added cinnamon, a tiny dash of cocoa & golden raisins. Kind of tagine-y. I could totally see going with a savory herb profile too. Makes a lot. Halve it if there's only one or two of you. Good one!


Made as directed and didn’t add a thing -so darn good, easy and fast. I’m tempted to throw some roasted walnuts on top of tomorrow’s leftovers


Has anyone used lemon zest instead of peeled sections?


Great recipe. Very easy and delicious. Didn't have lemon but added some fresh thyme.

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Farro and Lentils With Jammy Onions Recipe (2024)
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