Autism in Girls Speech Evaluation Results (2023)


Autism in girls. Abigail gets a speech evaluation that will help her with communication. We also learned some pretty shocking news as to why she may be having trouble communicating besides being on the spectrum! Abigail has what was formerly known as Asperger's syndrome and is now diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder or ASD. She's very bright and communicative, but needs some help in some areas. Speech and communication therapy, no matter what type of ASD diagnosis, is one of the best therapies to get, and they come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Rafael is soon to graduate from speech and communication after about three years.
Hadar, Andrea, Rafael, Abigail, Kitty & Rudy. From Israel to America! This is our story told in a daily vlog for the past 13 years!
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Getting your speech evaluation, you did really good doing great Abigail, so I'm going to go shopping after uh Abigail's appointment, I will let you know what happened at Abigail's appointment when I get home uh.

We found out some things that we didn't know.

So that's uh, interesting and it'll get fixed uh pretty soon um I have to go, buy clothes I have to buy a special offer for me, and the kids and Abigail needs a couple more things of clothes and then we'll be good to go so I'm leaving and they are gonna go play.

This is a Scott Nature, Park and we've been here before, looks like they put some new fence and they renovated around.

Here you see our first, our friend here.

Where did he go? You Zello squirrels are tree shredders they with their paws.

They Shred the trees.

Omg, let's go down here.

You see him no right.

Yeah little squirrel we're gonna go look at that real, quick! Well, it's on the other side.

So we're gonna go! Look at this first, the assistant I, can't understand you no toy.

What do you mean yeah? What were you saying? There's no toys? No, there are there's just on the other side, we'll have to get there.

That's where we're going.

It's the way.

All this world, like I, want to see one of those okay, we're gonna.

Do it right here, first onto the bridge and we're gonna go look at that now.

We've been here before a couple of times and there's a little bike park here too, this is always nice to look at go ahead.

Let's see they bought this new fence.

I guess people were doing some silly things here, because this is all new and it goes all the way around you would live here and I would drink that water.

It's all the mosquitoes I'll take the water in the ocean very dry.


Last time we came I think it happened.

The water was past, the Rocks yeah, then I would eat there, okay, the dirt and the stuff.

Oh hey, Shane, shiny stuff.

What is that? It looks like either a piece of glass or some kind of gem here, but this is where Mommy would like to live Abigail.

You know that hello, talking to you do you know.

Mario would like to live in a place like that, like the place with the kitchen diamond.

No, the cave, I like the cave, but I don't want to be a cave girl.

No, not a cave girl, a plus s yeah, that's kids staining this uh, oh somebody's in trouble.

All right.

You guys want to go through the parks.

Now, yes, you're working against gravity here, I'm gonna go up! No! That's! This is a bike park right here, see it says: skill, Spark bikes, only no motorized vehicles, helmets required and use caution.

Are you tired? Let's go we're gonna go over here.

We're gonna go past.

This go past this to the park, have a go on my field.

This is for bikes, it's four bikes, so we're gonna go to the toy Park, and there should be some trails around here that we might be able to go to.

Andrea is going to be a while in the store.

This is right in the middle of town too.

It's very nice yeah go ahead.

It's nice yeah! You want a seesaw! That might be a little too big for you.

No, you think it's okay, you're down! No I go up! You go down.

Hey Daddy I invited you to my secret underground Club, oh yeah, yeah I want to come.

Let's go see, it I have to die.

Hey I'm, ready, chased again, uh I, look they're supposed to be a spider web in there like right on that side.

Up onto the top I'll show you with it.

Where is it right? There? Oh yeah? Oh that's just one of them, but there's another one right there.

That's it! That's a big one! Um you made it Raphael too yeah! You guys.

You thought you're strong! Well, you are for one.

We gotta do a hundred one two three yeah don't go all the way back then so it doesn't hurt you right.

What is it hurting? How many is this 10.

nice keep going? What's that a go get over there? Is that hard for you, it's tiring yeah, but if you have bad form it can hurt.

You can do it the other way man which backwards yeah.

You technically could.

But it's not what it's for, not really, that would be a bad workout you're supposed to push forward.

Don't go all the way up and over extend yourself just when you're done reaching your limit yep, that's it yeah and they have a pull-up bar here and they have an Abigail resting system.

Yeah you're! Not doing that right! Don't get yourself hurt.

Do you see where the thing is the cushion? This is a rowing machine.


Are you rowing sit your butt on the cushion there.

We go: okay, okay, now your head, how many quarter of a hundred quarter of a hundred yeah row well I think you're supposed to sit backwards in row, but yeah? That's basically it! This is okay, I mean I! Guess that's how you roll forward yeah nah! You gotta roll forward in this machine.

Here we can go backwards, rowing is backwards, but yes, it's called a rowing machine, but it's forward set a machine with back straight shoulders back and your tummy tight grass pendles pull back back here.

Okay, let me help you, but you have to go back a little bit.

Okay, if you're gonna feel me, you have to go back a little bit, it's really dark over here.

All right, can you see me now? Are you looking at me or my arms I'm? Looking at you, yeah you're doing 200., it's looking at your eye, Daddy one, two, how many am I doing uh one two, three: four, how many am I doing total five This Is How They really go into 200.

all the way and they roll back.

This is one two two hundred filming video is it I, don't know if mommy would appreciate that she has to edit all of it sure I don't know, wait you keep counting one dude.

Can you count it 19.

tiny too hard to count? Are you getting tired, yeah you gotta use bathroom yeah he's the bathroom.

Is there a restroom somewhere? Oh you gotta be able to hold it.

Okay, a few minutes am I down.

Then you can go a little Kia bathroom.

Yes, all right! How about you Raphael 57! That's incredible! Three breaks we found out.

The rowing machine is actually meant to row.

Just not kids! You do small pull up bar, hey I can't do that Raphael.

Those pull-ups I know where I feel is doing it.

Uh, 275, yeah, oh I, feel don't get too tired.

Let's go look at our bathroom 65., that's extremely good.

All righty, then so I think the bathroom is across across the park.

So we'll have to walk all the way through and cross the bike park too.

The skill Spark now because we're walking through the forest remember you gotta watch for ticks, slow as well.

Yes, you gotta watch for ticks and make sure you don't get your um feet in poison, ivy and such yeah, but your legs are exposed.


Grandpa doesn't like to walk around with short s.

He likes to have long pants on because he always works out in a yard yeah.

You are I, don't like wearing long pants here, because it's so sweaty you guys seem to already be tired.

What's going on five of those? Oh yeah, it's really good! It's beautiful out here.

They maintain it really well, and we learned why there's cracks right because of what The Roots yes yep, but they maintain this really really well, it's it.

Let's see, what's what they would call a Hidden Gem.

Can you hear the cars we're in the middle of a city, Middletown town but middle of the forest? Well, that's why it's called a Hidden Gem, because it's not out in public it's kind of not in the way it's hidden away, and it's a gym.

It's really nice out here and yeah.

We learned about this, the big tree, the oak and then the thinner, taller, trees, the pine and all the kinds of pine cones.

They have nice walking trails here too, it's really short and sweet.

They have the Pavilion on the other side and they have like these benches, so you can go and do your little cookout or whatever barbecue, but uh yeah and the skills Park.

Of course, that's a really nice skill spark for Raphael.

We ever come back here, but for now let's go look at the bathroom.

This is like the bike park that Raphael likes to go with me too.

The one we went to last time can you imagine going down here with a bike.

That'll be awesome, you go down here and you see why this is a skill spark.

This is like a trail specifically meant for a bike.

It's very steep, very steep right.

It doesn't look like it on camera ever, but can you imagine I mean yeah and there go the kids.

It says bike.

Only you're gonna wear me out boogies.

This is uh not what I'm used to from Israel, but it is one of my favorite ways to bike around Florida.

They have very nice maintained trails here.

Try to climb this one, that's a fairly steep one.

Now I'm the tallest go fast, go fast, go fast, skew it and go the this side, see how that's so steep.

Can you climb it right here, go go, go, go, go, go good and Raphael you climb this.

Oh it is so steep hold on hold on I gotta show yeah.

Can you imagine that, with a bike, no you'd have to have momentum.

You have to come in with speed or else remember what happens when you come into a tip over oh yeah, when you come over to um, like a stun thing, I forget what it's called anyway ramp.

Well, what are your thoughts just like work, but not as good as the other one that we went? Oh yeah, because we went to a very special it's a Santos Trail and they have a lot of mixed Trails, whereas this it's just like a small portion of a sorted bark over there.

It's all bike trails.

It's amazing! It's only like right, so variety more in Florida and Santos, especially what do they have? They have Walker Trails bike trails and they have horse trails, have pepperoni sale all right.

The bathroom is right there.

So let's go, and then we can probably go back to Mummy.

It's uh we've been here for 45 minutes.

That's a good time! All right yeah! You can do a couple more laps, but come to us because uh I can't leave the kids out in the woods now can I.

This is not Israel after all over here.

Look here.

What looks like a trail? Okay, oh screw! Oh I, miss him! Okay, if you walk in towards it, make sure you're slow.

So pretty, do you see them he's in a trees over there I think whoa.

What's that yeah with you he's drawing his hands yeah, you know you don't have to be uh Elmer over here, a hunter just go ahead: yep I'm, trying to film him.

It's pretty I! Think that's the mate of the other one, but I'm, not sure and there's another bird.

Definitely a lot of birds out here.

That's not a bird though.

What is that? That's, not a chicken either what yeah a car it's a car.

What do the birds say to the car you're? A cardinal? Oh right there! That's our trail to the car and here's a park, ranger better behave yourself, being your best behavior yep, okay, guys so now, I want to talk about Abigail's results from her speech.

Evaluation and I've got the official folder right here it's basically.

This is a.

This is the same speech class that Raphael goes to and she will be starting speech.

She had an informal assessment and a formal assessment, for it looks like two different things right here: she's having it's very hard to tell with Abigail, because her vocabulary is very broad.

It's very big.

She has a big vocabulary, no kitty get it now.

No so she's she's really gifted, but there are moments where it's like.

Where are you um and she kind of disappears? She has um, she for sure has ADHD but I'm not getting her diagnosed, because there's no point I, don't want her to take medication, for it we're just trying to work with her right now.

Um, my eldest son was on ADHD medication and it didn't mess with his weight a bit.

Kitty stop so um I don't want to mess with her growth or anything.

But the medication was at that time, like a miracle.

I eventually took him off of it like cold turkey and uh, just a gluten-free sugar-free, and that may be what I do with Abigail in the future um.

She really won't know the difference, because you can get a lot of really good, really tasty substitutes for gluten-free and sugar-free.

So it's not like a huge deal, but anyway we found out some stuff about Abigail that she's gonna have to have surgery to cut two ties.

She has not only a lip tie up here, like Raphael Raphael had his cut and he was able to move his lip all around um, which helps form words.

So she not only has that very thick lip tie, but she also has in the back which nobody saw this except for them.

She has a very, very long tongue and if she sticks it out, it comes out to about here like under her chin, so that it's a super long tongue and we found out that she has a super long tongue- is because she has a tie back here in her tongue, not up here where you would expect it to be like underneath the tongue right there, where you can see it, but back here where you can't really see it, and they were able to determine that.

So she is set up to have surgery to untie that.

Hopefully they do it.

At the same time, it's going to be a pretty gnarly surgery, so they're going to untie that in the back and then she's going to have like a wide wider tongue instead of a long pointy tongue, um.

So I guess that's something to look out for if uh.

If you're worried about speech and stuff like that, so her speech has dramatically improved in the past two years where she is mostly saying R's and L's just fine, but they did notice some other things.

So Abigail has autism but she's a girl, and she masks very well and I see her masking all the time when she smiles when she laughs when she makes little jokes I see her masking all the time.

So I wonder how exhausting that is for her to to mask and like try to fit in and be with everyone and be cool, and you know fit in I wonder so.

They did a hearing thing and usually on the hearing test: You're Gonna Miss in the beginning or the end.

If you have a hearing problem and she missed in the middle and I am guessing because she missed in the middle, it said uh ADHD, that's what I'm guessing she.

She was probably like.

Oh what am I eating for dinner tonight.

You know and just miss the beep um and you would think.

Okay, like I, have to tell this story, because this is exactly what it is all day.

Long literally all day long I am wrapping, presents I, think it's Christmas time or something I'm wrapping presents I have my scissors, my tape and my wrap Abigail grabs the scissors up literally five seconds later, I say where's the scissors and she says I, don't know and she's serious.

She does not know so.

I mean that's and she's very impulsive, so yeah she I would say yeah me and her are a lot alike but uh, seeing it in someone else that I created is a little weird but yeah I wear a lot of like so areas of strength with receptive language, understands adjectives, negatives and sentences, irregular plural, nouns, superlatives area of deficiency understands verbal reasoning, lexical ambiguity, figurative language conjunction and understands and makes inferences her receptive language skill are in an area of relative strength.

She did present with difficulties, processing verbal questions provided to her in this section, Peaks and valleys were noted for a receptive language skills.

So yes, it's like you're here and you're, really high IQ, but then you're somewhere else and we're not sure where you went just now like she won't understand the question so yeah, that's definitely um expressive language and then Abigail did present with difficulties.

Processing verbal questions provided to her in this section, Peaks and valleys were noted for expressive.

Language, um, pragmatic, impaired areas of strength will use greetings and answers.

Questions in conversation, areas of deficiency severity is moderate uses.

Appropriate conversation maintains topic, provides verbal reasoning and uses conversational exchanges appropriately.

Abigail was a sweet girl and worked hard throughout the task shoes presented during the evaluation.

She demonstrated some difficulties, processing information and frequently asked for questions to be repeated and I I think you know, I I, don't know if she has like a language deficit or if it is ADHD, because she doesn't pay attention like it's yeah.

You can't force her to pay attention.

It's hard for her, so articulation is fair.

She has some distortions and words and the air tapes phonological process is not age appropriate, so she got a 65, a 60 and a 70.


Her oral peripheral oral motor skills are delayed.

Severity is moderate.

Strength is inadequate, ROM, inadequate, I, don't know what ROM is so.

This doesn't say much clinical summary assessment.

Summary receptive language were within normal limits, however, Peaks and valleys were present throughout some missing age-appropriate skills and Abigail demonstrated difficulties, processing and information processing, information.

Okay, it's just saying what I just said so um and this is medically necessary uh for her to get her tongue tie cut so that she can speak freely.

Um I! Think that's why well for the longest time she didn't actually talk or respond.

She would just smile and her smiling like she's, since she was when did she smile? She was doing this with her eyes yeah.

What are you a month old and you already know how to do that.

You're funny, aren't you she smiled I got her smile is so precious since she's not stopped, smiling she's a smile, the whole time smile and it was really hard to get her to laugh talking.

If she talked it would be real quiet and you couldn't understand what she says.


You can't understand what she says.

So they wrote down a list of goals, but she has medically needed needy or she'll have to have this and this this cut this and this cut um on her tongue, so yeah.

This is just all repeated and then they have like two pages of goals, short-term goals and long-term goals, and she is now a client of them and she's going to have two sessions a week for speech and communication.

So it's not just um this.

They do speech, but they also do communication for autistic kids so that they can have normal conversations.

And you know you don't be talking about cars with somebody and then automatically switch to Pokemon or Minecraft.

You know, or whatever they're interested in for my older son, it was hurricanes and uh video cameras.

What do you call security cameras, so he was really interested in security, cameras and hurricanes, and he could tell you all about it so when he was a little kid and people were just fascinated by that, you know you go into the store and you're paying for your groceries or whatever and he'll.

Just tell you all the facts about hurricanes and security cameras, so so you know just having conversations like that.

Instead of um, not age-appropriate, I, guess conversations and Raphael's really done really well with this therapy um the communication therapy, not so much with speech, although he is trying to get rid of a little lisp that he has with the S's and the sh or th sentences with a lot of th in uh, STS and shs and stuff like that.

So he's doing really well with that and he is going to graduate in just a couple of months, so he will be completely done with communication therapy because he has passed all of the things and he has been in.

It's been probably three and a half years now.

So that's a long time.

Uh first son was in speech for seven to eight years.

It's probably more like seven and a half years, he started when he was 18 months old.

He was severely delayed and after that he got out speaking very eloquently.

So I do believe in speech.

Definitely as being one of the the top things to do now, we were lucky to get his diagnosis because I didn't even know what autism was um, but we had a very, very good doctor.

He actually put me on Atkins diet, uh keto diet.

He put my older son uh into the evaluation because he asked him a series of questions which were really weird and it was about a church um.

He asked some questions about the steeple and the church or something like that, and he he got back like some really weird answers that he felt he might be on the Spectrum and thankfully that got him the therapy that he needed otherwise, right now, I, don't know if he would be able to speak very well and right now, he's really good at speaking so yeah I'm thankful for that, but uh also, since I already knew what to look for in.

In my other kids, I was able to spot like if they had a deficit or not and was able to get them in speech to just make it better that everybody says.

Oh, they look normal, but autism doesn't have a look because it's uh, it's not a outward disability.

You know it's basically disability of communication, there's a lot more.

That goes on with it.

You know, but it's a basically in all of its aspects and it's a disability of communication, so them go into communication therapy is going to be the best for them, and that was the results for all of that testing and she did really really good she's, going to probably be going with Raphael at the same time and they're going to have it not together, but they're going to be in the same room together, so they can benefit off of what each other is doing.

So that is our update and uh.

I will talk to you later and thank you for watching if you aren't subscribed yet please subscribe and like comment and share fully living four years from my mother's Garden.

Did you know that by all the shoes I'm watching right now are Japanese, because it has olive oil? And it looks just like you.

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