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The 4th gen million-seller and representative, Stray Kids, is famous for its outstanding achievements and remarkable creativity. And a huge part of that is thanks to Stray Kids highly exemplary and genius leader, Bang Chan. Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about Stray Kids Bang Chan, from facts about his real name, nationality, career story, relationship, and his TRUE personality you’ve NEVER known before.

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Facts About Bang Chan, the Stray Kids Genius Leader: Real Name, True Personality, and Relationship

Biodata and Information:

  • Name: Bang Chan (방찬)
  • English Name: Christopher Bang
  • Other Name: CB97 of 3RACHA
  • Nickname: Chan, Channie, Wolf Chan, Mister Bang, Old Man, Kid Channie, Kangaroo, Koala
  • Boy Group: Stray Kids
  • Position: Leader, Producer, Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer
  • Birth Place: UNKNOWN
  • Birth Date: October 3, 1997
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Height: 171 cm (5 ft. 7 inch.)
  • Blood Type: O
  • Hobbies: Cooking, Sports
  • Family: Father, Mother, Hannah (Younger Sister), & Lucas (Younger Brother)
  • Favorite Color: Red and Black
  • Favorite Season: Autumn
  • Favorite Perfume: Versace Eros
  • Favorite Shaving Brand: Gillete
  • Favorite Artists: Drake, Hugh Jackman
  • Favorite Game: League of Legends
  • Role Model(s): Drake, Cristiano Ronaldo, His Father
  • Language(s): Korean, English, Japanese, and a bit of Chinese
  • Roommate: Changbin
  • Agency: JYP Entertainment
All About Bang Chan, Stray Kids Genius Leader: Facts on Real Name, Relationship, and True Personality You NEVER Knew! - KPOPPOST (1)

Facts About Bang Chan Early Life: What is His Real Name and Nationality?

Among the first facts you must know about Stray Kids genius leader, Bang Chan, is that nobody really knows where he was born. Bang Chan never talks about his birthplace, and nobody has ever asked him about it. At the same time, JYP Entertainment has never disclosed the real birthplace of Bang Chan. Most people assume that he was either born in Seoul or Sydney.

However, Bang Chan mentioned that his entire family moved to Sydney, Australia, when he was very young. Therefore, it is highly likely that Bang Chan was born in South Korea.

Bang Chan, whose height is 5’7″, is a Korean-Australian. And this living experience makes him think in dual languages: Korean and English.

All About Bang Chan, Stray Kids Genius Leader: Facts on Real Name, Relationship, and True Personality You NEVER Knew! - KPOPPOST (2)

Furthermore, if you’re wondering about Bang Chan real name, there is an interesting explanation about it.

Interestingly, Bang Chan has two names. His parents gave him both Korean and English names: “Chan” and “Christopher”, while his surname is “Bang”. Therefore, in Korea, his name is “Bang Chan”. But when he lived in Sydney, he used “Christopher Bang” or “Chris”.

So, if you’re taking this in the Korean way, where you mention the surname in the front, Bang Chan real name will be “Bang Christopher Chan”. Meanwhile, internationally, Bang Chan real name will be “Christopher Chan Bang”.

Spent 7 WHOLE Years as a JYP Entertainment Trainee

In 2010, Bang Chan decided to join an audition as JYP Entertainment trainee. He dreamed of becoming an entertainer, so he joined JYP immediately after passing the audition in Australia.

However, his dream did NOT go that smoothly. After undergoing intense training as an idol trainee for JYP Entertainment, Bang Chan didn’t debut right away. Instead, he spent 7 whole years (almost 8) sitting in the background as a JYP trainee and watch his fellow trainee friends either make it or break it. It was one of Bang Chan’s hardest moments because he had to experience his close friends leaving one by one. Some of them successfully debuted, but others just failed and went home.

“Seven years is quite a long time. The hardest thing about it was when the other trainees who were with me would leave the agency. But the most painful moments were when I ended up alone.

Of those people who left, some have gone on to debut under other labels, and others have changed career paths.”

Bang Chan.
All About Bang Chan, Stray Kids Genius Leader: Facts on Real Name, Relationship, and True Personality You NEVER Knew! - KPOPPOST (4)

WHY Did JYP Hold Him That Long As a Trainee?

There is no exact statement from JYP himself as to why he had to hold Bang Chan for over 7 years as a trainee. However, during his trainee days, the JYP boy groups who debuted were GOT7 and Day6. And today, we know that Bang Chan holds so much potential and even his own genres of style and music. And these remarkably unique styles may not be fitting the trend at the time.

Hence, it’s highly likely that JYP saved Bang Chan for a much bigger plan. And then, Stray Kids was born.

All About Bang Chan, Stray Kids Genius Leader: Facts on Real Name, Relationship, and True Personality You NEVER Knew! - KPOPPOST (5)

Stray Kids Facts: Genius Leader Bang Chan was The Reason Why The Group Existed

Furthermore, you may not know the facts if you’re new in the STAYville, but leader Bang Chan was practically the reason why Stray Kids existed in the first place. Bang Chan himself is the origin of Stray Kids.

During his long trainee days, Bang Chan did not give up and quit. Despite his frustration and despair, Bang Chan kept honing his skills as an artist: singing, dancing, rapping, and producing. He took MIDI classes in JYPE with Changbin and Han, leading them to form the producing group 3RACHA in 2017.

But then, JYP understood that Bang Chan had so much potential within him that he decided to experiment with the boy. So instead of preparing a nicely-packaged new group, JYP took a leap of faith and entrusted the whole concept and member selection to Bang Chan and let him do all the preparation.

While it’s true that Stray Kids debuted as a survival program, Bang Chan chose the members himself with the help of the production team. He basically nitpicked everyone based on his experience working with the members during trainee days and formed Stray Kids.

Hence, Bang Chan is the reason why Stray Kids existed. He was the origin of Stray Kids itself, and that is why all the members respected him so much as their exemplary genius leader. He formed and named Stray Kids and continued shaping the Stray Kids we all know today with his genius talents in singing, rapping, dancing, and producing.

Really, what CAN’T Bang Chan do?

His Happiness is in Entertaining Others

If you’re a dire fan of Bang Chan, you must have known the facts that Bang Chan always has the joy of pleasing others. His happiness lies in the fact that he can entertain and make other people happy. When everyone is happy, Bang Chan will be happy.

That is why he’s always wanted to become an entertainer.

During his high school days in Australia, Bang Chan once stood by himself in the middle of a coliseum and sang the Australian anthem. It was the very first time Bang Chan tasted the happiness of performing. Witnessing so many people applauding his performance in the school’s graduation ceremony ignited an overwhelming sense of pride and honor, which then made him decide that he wanted to become an entertainer. He wanted to go back to the stage and make everyone happy.

“It’s weird in a good way. Trying to impress the people around me has been motivating me since I was a little kid.”

Bang Chan.

Stray Kids Genius Leader Bang Chan TRUE Personality Facts: Shy and Reserved

On the other hand, as an ordinary person off the stage, facts say that Bang Chan true personality is quite shy and reserved. He doesn’t really like it when he gets so much attention and feels uncomfortable about it. When people praise Bang Chan, you would see how he would be shyly flustered and probably run off somewhere far away or hide under the table if he could.

Now you know why Bang Chan can just feel awkward and turn shy suddenly during his Chan’s Room VLIVE. It’s simply because he’s embarrassed to be the center of attention when he’s off the stage.

“A compliment makes me feel really shy. I’m just thinking, am I allowed to accept it? Because when I look at myself, I’m not satisfied with myself just yet.”

Bang Chan.

Bang Chan is an Extreme Perfectionist

One of the many reasons that make Bang Chan an exemplary genius leader of Stray Kids is because he always strives for perfection! Bang Chan is such a perfectionist that he never stops until he can reach that perfection himself.

Since Bang Chan was a child, he has always had a perfectly planned schedule. He noted every lesson, and pursued everything he could think of: academics, sports, and music. The Stray Kids leader spent his childhood days bouncing around from studying, taking ballet and modern dance lessons, and trained as a competitive swimmer with his father.

For your information, Bang Chan’s father is a coach who owns a swimming club in Sydney. Therefore, Bang Chan used to swim a lot and secured numerous swimming awards and medals. He even broke the school’s swim carnival for 50 m freestyle record when he was 8.

Today, instead of swimming, Bang Chan would prefer going bungee jumping if he has time for a vacation. But, everything must be planned first.

Bang Chan Facts: The Genius Stray Kids Leader Who Can Do Almost Everything!

This perfectionist trait makes Bang Chan such a genius leader of the Stray Kids today. He has basically mastered everything; he makes the music, writes the lyrics, sings, raps, dances, and holds the leader’s responsibilities at the same time. And even more, he’s extremely good-looking!

If a perfect man truly exists, Bang Chan is really the one.

“The thing that stands out about Bang Chan is that he’s always striving for perfection. And eventually, he really can achieve that level of perfection.”

Stray Kids Han about Bang Chan.

But at the same time, this perfectionist trait puts so much pressure on Bang Chan that he focuses the mistake on him most of the time. While this is a good trait as a leader, we truly hope that the pressure won’t take too much toll on him. That is especially seeing how much responsibility he holds within himself.

Bang Chan Relationship Alert: He Almost Never Asks for Help!

Due to his perfectionism, Bang Chan almost never asks for help. He sees himself as an independent person, so he does nearly everything by himself.

“I’m usually the type of person who tries to do everything by himself. I don’t like relying on others.”

Bang Chan.

While this can be a red alert in any relationship, Bang Chan has some exceptions on his list: Stray Kids members, his management team of over 10 years, and his close seniors like Day6 YoungK.

All About Bang Chan, Stray Kids Genius Leader: Facts on Real Name, Relationship, and True Personality You NEVER Knew! - KPOPPOST (6)

Facts on Bang Chan Relationship with Stray Kids Members: Strict Compassionate Leader

Now, there must be a time when you wonder what kind of leader Bang Chan is to the Stray Kids members. During Stray a session in One Kid’s Room, Stray Kids members once revealed the facts that Bang Chan is actually a strict leader who is full of compassion.

“The more I care, the more I want to pay attention. So, that’s when my personality kicks in. The more I cared and loved them, the tougher I was on them.”

Bang Chan.

Bang Chan is scary when he’s upset. However, it doesn’t mean that he just gets upset all the time. Since he played a considerable part in forming Stray Kids, Bang Chan holds a huge responsibility for the group and its members. So when the members make mistakes, it feels like he owns the mistake as well. But of course, Bang Chan would talk to them nicely at first. If it doesn’t work, then he would get upset.

“When you do something wrong, Bang Chan doesn’t get upset at first. Instead, he tries to talk to you nicely, but if it doesn’t work, he gets upset.”

Stray Kids Han about Bang Chan.

Still, since Bang Chan holds all the Stray Kids members dear to his heart, he doesn’t want to hurt the members’ feelings. Lee Felix knows this best because Bang Chan pays close attention to him a lot, and that is why Felix is the one experiencing a lot of Bang Chan’s upset moments.

“Bang Chan is the kind of person who gets tough on you because he felt most affectionate towards you.”

Changbin about Bang Chan.

The Father of Stray Kids

And on top of everything, Bang Chan believes that every Stray Kids member is his responsibility. So he never takes them for granted.

That is why most STAY fans know the facts that Bang Chan relationship with Stray Kids is not only leader to members. Most of the times, he goes around helping and taking care of them like their dad.

Bang Chan believes that Stray Kids members are the ones who shaped them to become who he is today. So at the end of the day, no matter how busy Bang Chan is with all his responsibility, he always makes time for the members. Always.

His Life Motto: “Just Enjoy!”

Finally, with such tremendous responsibility and burden, Bang Chan has one crucial life motto he constantly holds in his heart and mind: “Just Enjoy!”

Bang Chan learned from his father that no matter how challenging and difficult life can be, as long as you can find joy in everything you do, everything will eventually turn out better.

If the result doesn’t show like what you had expected, there’s always the next one. It’s okay, just enjoy. Enjoy the process and enjoy everything because, according to Bang Chan and his father, the essential key to life is only one: feeling good.

“Feeling good is the answer to all of your problems. So ‘just enjoy’ is and will always be my motto.”

Bang Chan.

So, now that do you know all these crucial facts about Bang Chan, the genius leader of Stray Kids, his real name, true personality, and his relationship, what’s on your mind, Kpop fans? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and stay with Kpoppost Instagram,Facebook, andTwitterfor moreStray Kids updates.

In the meantime, check out how Bang Chan and his parents welcomed their kids into their home.

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All About Bang Chan, Stray Kids Genius Leader: Facts on Real Name, Relationship, and True Personality You NEVER Knew! - KPOPPOST (2024)
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